Drop dependency on JCenter?

When is gradle going to get rid of the dependency on JCenter. It is a constant pain point because JCenter goes down all the time and this breaks our builds. Is there a way to mitigate JCenter going down? (this appears to be a problem because of the gradle plugins that our build uses).

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If you have the infrastructure and resources, setup your own proxy for the repositories that you use (including the Gradle plugins). Then configure the builds to use your server for plugin and dependency resolution. This helps isolate the builds from the internet and can potentially help speed up dependency resolution. Having your own copies of your dependencies cached also means you’ll continue to have them if they are removed from the public repos.
An example of doing this could be running your own Artifactory or Nexus server with remote caching repos.
If your builds are open-source/public then perhaps this isn’t a great solution since you will be supporting public access to your server. For private, internal builds you have a much more controlled set of consumers that you can service.

Yes, we have published the plugins we depend on to our local nexus.

If you are pulling plugins from your local nexus server, why does JCenter cause you constant pain?

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