Does tooling API provide method to determine where the 'build' directory for a gradle project?

(Kris De Volder) #1

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Essentially, many Eclipse tools treat resources that are marked as ‘derived’ specially. Though in many cases this doesn’t matter… in some cases it is crucial for logical and efficient processing.

I have hard-coded the Gradle STS tooling now to mark any folder called ‘build’ nested under a project folder as ‘derived’.

That does work… but I suspect this is only convention and it is possible for builds to customize where this folder is.

So for a truly correct implementation I would need to ask the tooling API where this folder is for a given project.

Is this currently supported? How?

If no, could this be added in the future.


(Szczepan Faber) #2

Hey Kris,

At the moment, the location of build dir is not available via the tooling api.

It’s hard to say when we will look into providing you the api that solves the use case. I’ll export a jira ticket.

Hope that helps!

(Kris De Volder) #3

Thanks, yes it helps since you answered my question :slight_smile: It is as I suspected, thanks for confirming.

I don’t think implementing API for this is critical, assuming it is uncommon for people to rename their ‘build’ directory.

If you file a Jira ticket, please provide a link.



(Szczepan Faber) #4

Ticket: GRADLE-2768