Does the OSGi Gradle plugin support -wab (web app bundles)?

I’ve been using the osgi plugin to create regular bundles with Gradle, but now I’m not sure how best to create a web application bundle. Looking at the BND documentation, it provides a -wab instruction which appears to do exactly what I need: However, putting:

instruction ‘-wab’, ‘static-pages/’

in my gradle file doesn’t have any effect. Is it supported by the plugin?

Here’s the relevant part of my build.gradle:

  symbolicName = ''
  instruction '-wab', 'static-pages/'
  instruction 'Web-ContextPath', '/test'
  instruction 'Bundle-ClassPath', '.,WEB-INF/classes'

For the most part, the plugin just passes on information to BND. I don’t know why this wouldn’t work for ‘-wab’.

Thanks for the quick response. I guess my follow-on question is why it isn’t working for me?

I’m also wondering if the flaws listed in this thread might be preventing it from working? My knowledge of Gradle and BND isn’t good enough to know if these could be related to my issue: