Does Gradle support configuring default file exclusions?

I’m looking for a way to globally exclude files with certain extensions from being included in processing by Gradle. Example extensions that I’d like ignored are “.rej" and ".orig” (generated by Mercurial), or “*.bak” (generated by some text editors). I would like any files that match the configured pattern to be excluded from all tasks that support an exclusion pattern. So, for example, src/main/resources/someFile.orig would not be included as a resource in an assembled jar, and src/main/java/ would not be considered for processing by license-gradle-plugin.

Ant supports this sort of concept using the defaultexcludes task.

The closest you can get is to declare excludes for source (directory) sets. Then anyone using those will be affected by the excludes. For example:

[, sourceSets.all.resources].each {
     it*.exclude "**/*.rej"

Note that Gradle supports the same standard excludes as Ant.