Does Gradle really use Apache Ivy under the covers, or does it just "work like" Ivy?

I ask this because I had attempted to implement an Apache Ivy build script that downloads several kinds of artifacts, but one artifact is a timestamped snapshot on a Nexus repo. For this particular artifact, I could never get it to work, and this was the primary reason I implemented Ivy. I even pursued this on the ivy-user mailing list, and even filed a bug report with Ivy, and I never got a single usable response. I eventually gave up on this. If Gradle just uses Ivy internally, then I imagine I’ll have the same problem.

In Gradle 0.x, dependency management was implemented on top of the Apache Ivy library. Gradle 1.x comes with its own dependency management implementation and only makes minimal use of the Ivy library (mainly for backwards compatibility reasons). This makes it rather unlikely for Gradle’s dependency management to be affected by some bug in the Ivy library. With Gradle 2.0, the transition will likely be complete, at which point Gradle will no longer ship with the Ivy library (but still support Ivy repositories).