Does anyone here know of a solid list of resources for beginners to learn Gradle 2.10?

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for a good source of data both official and non-official about the work with Gradle, tutorials, documentation, strategic practices, how-to’s and other materials in such manner. Recently I’ve started work with the platform and I only just beginning to know get familiarized with the basics but would like to get more in depth. I found the following Slideshare - - which is a nice beginners tutorial and this page - which is a collection of resources from around the web with some official company pages. Do you think the resources I’ve listed here are adequate to start with? Do you have a better or additional destination to learn more about Gradle?


The O’Reilly Gradle book is great. And it’s free!

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The most obvious resource is the user guide that comes with the
distribution. You should also bookmark the html docs, including the dsl