[Documentation Request] list of handy variables and properties


Gradle is awesome but it has a long documentation, and a gradle environments comes with a lot of variables, so it’s hard to get to know them in a short time:



Without getting to know them one can not be productive at all. Google doesn’t help much, how do I search for a available variable? what properties are there on the configurations? maybe I add ‘each’ keyword? no. maybe…
One idea is to run the gradle in the debug mode. I did but, the variables are too dynamic to find them in the debugger

So, maybe if someone could list handy variables, objects and their variables, newbies won’t have to learn them the hard way. I’m just recently getting (very very really) productive with gradle after one year of using it! gradle is lovely, it would be nice if newbies would be as productive with gradle as I’m getting to be.

Oh and it has a deep learning curve. I can not get my friends and co-workers to love gradle as much as I do. Maybe a description about these variables and what can one do with them, can help. For instance if you wanted to copy all jar files, to a directory, where would you find the jars? here on artifacts property. and for each projects? on allprojects property, and what can you do? copy them… you get the idea!