Documentation of dependency configuration "testRuntime"

The picture “figure 1” on the documentation page Declaring Dependencies contains the dependency configuration testRuntime. However testRuntime is not defined on the page The Java Plugin section “Dependency Management”.

What does testRuntime do? Am I missing something?

BTW: the definitions of “implementation” and “compileOnly” on the latter page remind me a little of Monty Python Comments as stated in the famous article “How to write unmaintainable code” written by Roedy Green. Well… I know what they mean… at least I think… :wink:

testRuntime is deprecated since many years and removed since Gradle 7.
That it is still in that figure is a documentation bug that you should report.
It should probably be compileClasspath and testRuntimeClasspath in this image.

Thanks a lot for your answer. That made things a lot clearer for me :slight_smile:

Since I still encountered build scripts with testRuntime (of course for older gradle versions) I always assumed that’s some undocumented feature. Instead I just would have had to look into the older documentation versions, which I didn’t do, because of this picture.

I opened a bug on github in the meantime.

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