Different path in linux and windows using composite build

with buildship 2 running a composite build a property in org.eclipse.buildship.core.prefs is changed.
In linux the property connection.project.dir is set to ‘…/mainProject’ instead in windows it’s set to ‘…\mainProject’ .
In my team, we are using both linux and windows and this behavior is very annoying, is there something we can do to fix this behavior?

Hi Andrea,

thanks for pointing this out, we should normalize these separators indeed.

May I ask why you are checking in Eclipse configuration files? The Buildship import wizard will generate them for you, so you can normally add them to your .gitignore


I usually deliver Eclipse configuration files because after the first import using Buildship, if I need to change
an important shared property it seems a good way to me.
For example I keep the Gradle wrapper updated at the last version (in buildship 1.0 was 3.1 if I remember) or fixed at a specific version.

The properties are generated by Buildship on import/refresh, so you don’t need to check them in. Your colleagues just use Import or Refresh Gradle Project to get the correct settings.

I don’t understand this part. Buildship will always use the Gradle wrapper by default, so there is no need to configure anything in the Eclipse preferences.

thanks for clarification