Detecting native compiler version


I need to detect whether the VisualCpp toolchain is greater than or equal to VS 2013. I found some examples of this in the Gradle repository using the ToolChainRequirement enum, but this is part of Gradle’s testFixture source and I don’t believe I have access to it in the buildscript. Is there an analog to this that is publicly available?

model {
    binaries {
        all {
            if (toolChain in VisualCpp) {
                if (buildType == buildTypes.debug) {
                    if (toolChain.meets(ToolChainRequirement.VisualCpp2013)) {
                        cppCompiler.args '/FS'
                    cppCompiler.args '/Zi'

Trying this gives me

Could not find property 'ToolChainRequirement' on executable