Dependency on a project with multiple publications

Essentially trying to do what does (thanks Peter!).

This is part of a multi-project build. One project (hibernate-core) defines 2 publishing, Another project (hibernate-c3p0) defines just one publishing, and has a dependency on hibernate-core. I end up getting an error from Gradle in regards to hibernate-c3p0:

A problem occurred configuring project ‘:hibernate-c3p0’. > Publishing is not yet able to resolve a dependency on a project with multiple different publications.

In terms of the docs sample, I have the reverse relationship. The doc sample has project2 depend on project1 where project1 only defines the one publishing.

How can I get this working? Or is this a limitation in publishing?

I’m afraid you are hitting a known limitation of the incubating ‘maven-publish’ plugin. I expect this limitation to go away before the plugin gets promoted.

Any Jira I can watch?

Couldn’t find one. Filed GRADLE-2966.

Hello Devs,

the errormessage implies, that the “maven-publish” plugin would be able to resolve project’s with multiple different publications in future. When will this be supported?

Regards, Nik