Depdendency Management: usage of classifier and transitive at the same time fails

(Markus Helbig) #1


dist group: '', name: 'application-war', version: applicationVersion, classifier: 'delivery'

resolves to

* What went wrong:
Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':dist:dist'.
> Artifact '' not found.

instead of

> Artifact '' not found.

All notations have the same issue, using transitive and classifier at same time does not work

Gradle Version 1.12

Thx, for any help.

(Benjamin Muschko) #2

Based on the artifact name it sounds as if you want to resolve a WAR file. Is that correct? If yes, you will need to provide the artifact extension by adding the attribute ‘ext: ‘war’’ to your dependency declaration.

(Markus Helbig) #3

thx, that did it.