Define System Parameter for each subproject

Hi there, in my current project I need to set a system parameter to define the repository in which to release into.

I use some logic to determine from a version number the value of the boolean “isRelease”, which then sets the release repository

isRelease = someCodeToDetermineIsRelease() 
if (isRelease) {
        System.setProperty("releaserepo", "myReleaseRepository")
    } else {
        System.setProperty("releaserepo", "mySnapshotRepository")

For example:
1.0.0 --> release
1.0.0.SNAPSHOT --> snapshot

This works so far but:

This logic is placed in a common build.gradle that is shared between multiple submodules.

+ - submodule1 
+ - submodule2
+ - submodule3

Now when I run gradle clean build from parent, the configuration part runs before gradle starts building the modules.

Meaning that only the last version number counts for my configuration. Instead I want to run my configuration code before every submodule.


+ - submodule1 1.0.0.SNAPSHOT 
+ - submodule2 1.0.0.SNAPSHOT
+ - submodule3 1.0.0

How it currently works:
All modules go to release because last one is not .SNAPSHOT

How I want it to be
submodule1 and submodule2 go to snapshot
submodule 3 goes to release.

Any advice?

I solved it myself using tasks. My main mistakes was, that I defined tasks without the << therefore they did not run when I configured them via dependsOn but at the beginning of the build process.

Instead of using system properties, the canonical way would be to use either Extra Properties or just configuring the publishing of the subprojects directly.

A system property is global to your whole build, so you can’t configure it “per subproject”.

I understand that. The thing is, I have to configure another build tool (bndtools) that executes the release for me and for that I need system properties.

There’s a bnd tools Gradle plugin.

In general if you use another tool, you should fork it with a JavaExec task and pass the system properties there.

I know, we already use the gradle plugin. Unfortunately there’s no switch for what I need. I talked to the bnd guys here:!searchin/bndtools-users/release/bndtools-users/5VFHAr2_ZHU/gCDXO0LHBAAJ

To fork and change the gradle plugin, i fear my gradle skills aren’t sophisticated enough.

I didn’t mean fork the code, I meant fork a new process so you can set system properties :slight_smile:

If the bnd plugin doesn’t allow that then pushing for an improvement there seems like the best idea.

I will look into both suggestions, once I find the time. Thanks so far :slight_smile: