Debugging tests inside buildSrc directory

Hello I am using custom plugins and tasks that I am writing inside the buildSrc directory. I really want to test those plugins and therefore I am creating these inside buildSrc/src/test/…

My problem now is, that during the development I want to debug those tickets. But when they are failing during my debug-sessions my debugger can not attach to them because my debug session is never initialized in the first place. That is the case because gralde executes all tests inside buildSrc before executing the build that I need for my debug session.

I am using Intellij Idea and have all my build actions delegated to gradle. I do not want to use the Idea platform runner because it uses another classpath.

Is there a way to deactivate the initial test execution of the buildSrc tests before the build but only run them during the actual build phase?

Or is there maybe a better way to address the test creation in the first place that I have overlooked until now?

Thank you very much in advance.

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