Debug Gradle

Hello, I have Gradle built locally. I am using the gradle.bat from the gradle home dists directory and have a breakpoint set in gradle\subprojects\wrapper\src\main\java\org\gradle\wrapper\ When i run:

gradle\wrapper\dists\gradle-2.4-20150219230028+0000-binr7io5nnj0qywdk93t9mzvtqf\gradle-2.4-20150219230028+0000\bin\gradle.bat wrapper --no-daemon -Dorg.gradle.debug=true

The debugger connect but doesnt stop at the breakpoint in that file.

Is there a special task i need to execute when building gradle to be able to step through the code? Thanks

This has been discussed here

After setting GRADLE_OPTS (without quotes on windows) and adding the source root for the project I am interested in to netbeans, I can set a breakpoint and step through the source. Thanks