Cyclonedx plugin generates empty bom

Dear community,

We are currently in a situation where we need to integrate an old Gradle project with Dependency Track.
We utilize the following plugin: which we then invoke via a gradle wrapper: gradlew cyclonedxBom in order to generate a bom.xml file that will be uploaded on Dependency Track.

This process has worked without issues for several other Gradle projects, but when followed here, it always generates an empty bom.xml file.

I am not sure if the project structure is the issue here, as the project also has several other subprojects.
The “parent” project has a parent_project.gradle file, while the subprojects have their own .gradle files as well. So, our current setup is as follows:

  • Configuration inside parent_project.gradle:

      plugins {
        id "" version "1.1.4"
      apply plugin: ''
  • Configuration inside subproject_a.gradle, subproject_b.gradle, subproject_c.gradle:

      apply plugin: ''

When the plugin is invoked, we get the following result, but all the generated boms are empty.:


We also tried to manually specify the paths for the cyclonedx plugin, but instead of the actual dependencies, it lists the subprojects inside the bom.xml file.

cyclonedxBom {
    includeConfigs = ["${rootDir}/parent_project/subproject_a/build/classes"]
    destination = file("build/reports")
    outputName = "bom"
    outputFormat = "xml"

Finally, we have also used newer versions of the plugin without any luck.

Any help/guidance to the right direction would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance

They don’t have a tag for version 1.1.4, so I cannot look at the source, but looking at the tags of versions close to that I see no support for includeConfigs. This suggests you’re actually using a newer version.
Looking at the latest version, includeConfigs is supposed to be a list of configurations names, not a path string. No configuration names will match that string and therefore no configurations will be used to generate the bom.

The source I was looking at:

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