Customizing processTestResources

What I am trying to accomplish is copy a config folder ../../conf from outside my project structure into my test resources directory in a specific package.

Customizing the sourceSets does not work for me cause it only lets me customize the srcDir and not how it is copied to the destination directory.
So sourceSets.test.resources.srcDir='../../conf' is not an option. So my next try was customizing processTestResources like

processTestResources {
    from '../../conf' into 'com/myspace/conf'

This however does not seem to take in to account the into value. I still find the conf folder contents directly in build/resources/test.

Any suggestions/recommendations ?

To me it feels like processTestResources is not working as its documented.

Am going to create a new Copy type task and add that as a dependency to processTestResources, seems convoluted, but I guess thats the only option in front of me.

Should look like this

processTestResources {
    from('../../conf') { 
        into 'com/myspace/conf'

Thanks, That worked.

Could you also point me to the right documentation (This in particular).

Check out the DSL Reference.