Custom sourceSets are not working in eclipse after upgrade version 2.13 gradle


(Amuthan) #1

Hi there,

here is what I am trying

  • I am using gradle version 2.13

  • I am having the following sourceSets configuration on my build.gradle

sourceSets {
integrationTest {
java {
srcDir ‘src/integration-test/java’
resources {
srcDir ‘src/integration-test/resources’

  • I am using eclipse plugin to import my project into STS. following is the STS version and build

Spring Tool Suite

Version: 3.7.3.RELEASE
Build Id: 201602250940
Platform: Eclipse Mars.2 (4.5.2)

After importing all java sources under src/integration-test/java is showing compilation Error on most of the import statement.

I am doubting the compatibility of apply plugin: ‘eclipse’'with gradle version 2.13

can you please help me to fix this problem