Custom rules with PMD plugin

Hi all

I have a pretty laborious problem: We have an enterprise project which is built with gradle. Gradle includes, among others, the PMD Plugin. Now I need to add a PMD-Rule which checks the source code on specific type references. When I try to add the rule, I get a ClassNotFoundException.

So, where do i have to put the classes so they get recognized by Gradle & PMD? The only way which works so far is to put the class directly into the downloaded PMD dependency jar. But that’s not really an option for production…

So, how do I do that? Where do I have to put my custom rules? How can i tell the plugin where they are found?

Favourite solution would be to pack them as a jar and tell pdm “Here are my rules, take them!”

What I tried so far: * Added a jar with the classes as a local dependency (I’m not sure if it actually found it, there is no error if the path is wrong…) * Put the Class into the PDM library (only way that works) * Put the rule into the projects being built * set the pmdClasspath option. Resulted in other classes not found… * and many rather desperate attempts…

apply from: rootProject.file(“core/modules.gradle”), to : ext

if( in (modules[“CoreModules”] +modules[“Modules”])){

dependencies {

compile files("…/CustomRules/build/libs/CustomRules-1.0.jar")


apply plugin: ‘pmd’

pmd {

ignoreFailures = true

ruleSetFiles = rootProject.files("…/repo/auditing/pmd_rules.xml")

sourceSets = [sourceSets.main,sourceSets.test]

targetJdk = org.gradle.api.plugins.quality.TargetJdk.VERSION_1_7

ruleSets = []

toolVersion = “5.0.5”


pmdMain {

//pmdClasspath = files("…/repo/lib/pmd-5.1.3.jar")


You porbably just need to put them on the buildscript classpath (not the compile classpath). Two ways you can do that: - Add them to the buildSrc directory - see userguide section - Put them in a jar and add the jar to the buildscript classpath - see userguide section

Try adding to pmdClasspath (’+=’), rather than overwriting it.

Thanks a lot peter, I didn’t see this pretty logical solution.