Custom Repository Enable/Disable during Execution Phase

Any suggestions for Enabling / Disabling Custom Artifactory during Execution phase ?

Hi I am using Java for Plugin Development. I am looking to Enable/Disable “Custom Artifactory” during execution phase. Say 2 tasks EnableInternalRepo and DisableInternalRepo

REASON for Runtime Config: I have 2-5 Artifactories. User should be able to switch between these artifactories at will

I am able to add Maven repo using something similar to below code in my Task Config part.

public class RepoConfig extends DefaultTask {
public RepoConfig() {
    Action<MavenArtifactRepository> customRepo = new Action<MavenArtifactRepository>() {
          public void execute(MavenArtifactRepository repo) {

However, I don’t know how to disable it / re-enable it after configuring in “Task Config” phase.

I tried adding above code inside TaskAction method (Execution Phase). But I am not able to enable/disable repo.