Custom Plugin,which configures and executes maven-publisher

Hi all,

I am new to the mailing list (and to gradle plugin development) and have question, which which wasn’t answered by any of the “gradle plugin development”-tutorials, that I found.

I have a custom gradle plugin, which defines a task and provides an extension.

public void apply(Project project) {

 project.task("publishBundles", type: PublishBundlesTask)
 def bundleGroup = project.container(BundleGroup)
 project.configure(project) {
        extensions.create("bundleToMavenPublisher", PublishBundlesExtension, bundleGroup)

I want the users of my plugin to configure stuff with the dsl, provided by my extension. My task reads the configuration and generates PublishExtension configuration from it:

def publishBundlesAction() {
    if (bundleGroups == null) {
      bundleGroups = project.bundleToMavenPublisher.bundleGroups
    PublishingExtension publishingExtension = project.extensions.findByType(PublishingExtension)
    publishingExtension.with {
      publications {
        // reuse content from bundleGroups variable here...
    repositories { maven { url "..." } }

So far, this works well.

The problem, I couldn’t solve yet, is to execute the MavenPublishPlugin from my plugin, so that it uses the previously generated configuration (publications, repositories).

Does anyone have a hint for me, how to solve this?

Thank you very much in advance!!!