Custom plugin name with the name 'component-base'

(triv gattu) #1

we have few custom plugins. couple of which applies one with the name ‘component-base’. They have been working fine until i have updated to gradle 2.11 version. If i copy the whole script to another dummy plugin and apply with a different name, it’d work just fine.

does it have to do with the name of the plugin?

(Stefan Oehme) #2

Yes :slight_smile: Gradle 2.11 already contains a plugin called ‘component-base’.

As a general rule, you should always put your own plugins into a namespace, e.g. ‘com.yourcompany.component-base’. The default namespace is reserved for Gradle Core plugins.

(triv gattu) #3

Thanks. That helps.

I have created a sample plugin consumer and a sample plugin with the plugin id ‘component-base’ and it works as expected though.