Custom gradle not creating jar but the BUILD SUCCESSFUL

The groovy configuration has been deprecated and is scheduled to be removed in Gradle 2.0. Typically, usages of ‘groovy’ can simply be replaced with ‘compile’. In some cases, it may be necessary to additionally configure the ‘groovyClasspath’ property of GroovyCompile and

I am trying to create custom gradle plugin for my project , i just follow the exact steps in

After i compiled the build is success but its showing " Uploaded 0K "

Groovydoc tasks. :compileJava UP-TO-DATE

:compileGroovy UP-TO-DATE

:processResources UP-TO-DATE

:classes UP-TO-DATE



Uploading: com/code4reference/code4ReferencePlugin/1.1-SNAPSHOT/code4ReferencePlugin-1.1-20140709.000020-4.jar to repository remote at file:/Users/mselv2/repo/ Transferring 0K from remote

Uploaded 0K


Try to execute the below gradle with created custom plugin path , but geting error "Could not find com.code4reference:code4ReferencePlugin:1.1-SNAPSHOT

apply plugin: ‘code4reference’ buildscript {

repositories {

maven {

url uri(’/Users/mselv2/repo’)



dependencies {

classpath group: ‘com.code4reference’,

name: ‘code4ReferencePlugin’,

version: ‘1.1-SNAPSHOT’

} }

Please find the attached image for error description and let me help for creating custom gradle plugin

Source window :