Current support for multiple platform C++ builds with cross-compilation

Could you tell what is the current development status of gradle support for multiple platform PPC/linux c++ build targets via gcc cross-compilation on one linux build server with Win32/win64 builds being done on another windows machine?

It will be necessary specify individual toolchains for each build in the targets. Later additions to the build process would include packaging and deployment to test

rig and running of tests.

As of version 1.12, Gradle can cross-compile a single build for multiple target platforms, including building for multiple target platforms with GCC on linux and for multiple windows platforms with VisualStudio. It’s also possible to build with GCC+MinGW on windows.

Version 2.2 (rc out now) includes improvements to the way ToolChains are configured, and fixes some bugs in the cross-compilation support. See for details.

Let us know if you have any more specific questions.

Thanks for the reply.

As the saying goes, an example is worth a 1000 pages of documentation. Is there a tutorial on how to set up a cross compilation project?