"Couldn't delete outdated artifact from cache" error

Greetings Gentlemen!

I am new to gradle and cannot overcome the issue I have encountered. I build my project using gradle and I have some depemdency from our central repository that need to updated constantly. I use changing=true for this.

This works, but periodically I get an error message: “Couldn’t delete outdated artifact from cache”. This indicates that the shared library I need cannot be deleted from .gradle/cache folder. I thought this is because I use the very same folder in cache for Intellij Idea as a library folder. So Idea takes classes from it. I changed this and Idea is not connected to gradle cache. But this helped me not.

Any other ideas?

I use Windows 7 and 0.9.2

Which version of Gradle are you using? Are you running Gradle with --daemon?

Just to let you know, IDEA provides an option to copy artifacts into a temporary location to avoid this kind of problems. I think the option is on by default.

We have this problem a lot too. Using Gradle 1.0M3 with Eclipse.

I use gradle 0.9.2 with Windows 7. No, I am not running Gradle with --daemon.

Looks like this option can be connected with Intellij Idea IDE, which can link its libraries to local gradle cache.