"Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':tomcat'."

After changing version numbers of libraries in my Gradle build file, I run into an error of “Could not find org.apache.tomcat.embed:tomcat-embed-loggining-juli:7.0.54”. The error also occurs for older version of TC. Is some sort of accessibility problem? Here is a result out of info debugging level:

Resource missing. [HTTP GET: http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/apache/tomcat/embed/tomcat-embed-loggining-juli/7.0.54/tomcat-embed-loggining-juli-7.0.54.pom] Resource missing. [HTTP HEAD: http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/apache/tomcat/embed/tomcat-embed-loggining-juli/7.0.54/tomcat-embed-loggining-juli-7.0.54.jar] Resource missing. [HTTP GET: http://repo.spring.io/milestone/org/apache/tomcat/embed/tomcat-embed-loggining-juli/7.0.54/tomcat-embed-loggining-juli-7.0.54.pom] Resource missing. [HTTP HEAD: http://repo.spring.io/milestone/org/apache/tomcat/embed/tomcat-embed-loggining-juli/7.0.54/tomcat-embed-loggining-juli-7.0.54.jar]

How to solve it?

First thing to do is to double-check that the given dependency exists in one of the declared repositories.

Looks like ‘loggining’ in the artifact name is misspelled.

You are right. It is a typo. I didn’t know how that happened. I need to check carefully before post anything next time