Could not find method environment() for arguments

Hello Guys!
Need help in below issue.
I’m trying to pass environment variables through gradle check
ex: gradle check“someipaddress”
If I pass the above way, my code works. But the requirement is, if I dont pass any value and just say gradle check, it should take the default value which is not happening.
Below is my piece of code in build.gradle file.
test {
String pdb =“”, “”)
environment “spring.datasource.url”, “jdbc:postgresql://$pdb:5432/mydb”
Here is the default value. But if I execute gradle check, pdb is not being set to
So I executed build file separately and got error “could not find method environment() for arguments”
Am I doing anything wrong here? Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hello people. Hope someone helps me here.

To clear up a misconception, -D sets a system property for the entire Gradle invocation, not for a particular task. Nevertheless, I don’t see anything wrong with your code. ( can be simplified to System.getProperty()). Are you sure you are drawing the right conclusions? Perhaps you have other Test tasks besides test?

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, this code is not working. Could you please suggest me how to override certain values of dynamically ?