Could not find


I installed react-native on my Mac (Ventura). React-native doctor doesn’t show any error and when I use npx react-native run-android I have a problem with gradle-plugin.

First I got this error:

Task :gradle-plugin:compileKotlin FAILED

I thought about a version problem with gradle. So I looked at the version

Here is my gradle --version

gradle --version 

Gradle 8.5

Build time:   2023-11-29 14:08:57 UTC
Revision:     28aca86a7180baa17117e0e5ba01d8ea9feca598

Kotlin:       1.9.20
Groovy:       3.0.17
Ant:          Apache Ant(TM) version 1.10.13 compiled on January 4 2023
JVM:          21.0.1 (Azul Systems, Inc. 21.0.1+12-LTS)
OS:           Mac OS X 13.6.1 x86_64

So, I updated my build.gradle to this (force to 8.5, the installed version):

buildscript {
    ext {
        buildToolsVersion = "33.0.0"
        minSdkVersion = 21
        compileSdkVersion = 33
        targetSdkVersion = 33

        // We use NDK 23 which has both M1 support and is the side-by-side NDK version from AGP.
        ndkVersion = "23.1.7779620"
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath("") // Version de Gradle
	classpath "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-gradle-plugin:1.9.20" // Version de Kotlin

I did the same here with (=>8.5)


But now, with npx react-native run-android, I get this error:

Could not find

And when I read some topics here, it seems version 8.5 doesn’t exist ? really ?
How is it possible I’ve installed a version that doesn’t exist ?

I’m a bit lost. Could you help me ?

Thank you.

Please don’t confuse the version of Gradle with the version of the Android Gradle Plugin.
They unluckily named their artifact gradle, but it is the Android Gradle Plugin and of that no version 8.5 exists.

Thank you for your answer Björn,

So, if I resume.
8.5 is the version of my gradle.

When I get this error

Task :gradle-plugin:compileKotlin FAILED

This is a gradle plugin problem.

When I look at the details, I can see this

gradle-8.5-all/3zlzzgtsutfj0pbojr50n2l7z/gradle-8.5/lib/kotlin-stdlib-1.9.20.jar!/META-INF/kotlin-stdlib-jdk7.kotlin_module: Module was compiled with an incompatible version of Kotlin. The binary version of its metadata is 1.9.0, expected version is 1.7.1.

I understand (but not sure) kotlin uses 1.9.0 version but expected version is 1.7.1. Is this a problem with a gradle-plugin ? Which version of each may I use ?

Thank you.

Can you provide a build --scan or an MCVE?

As far as I understand that Kotlin compiler error is, that you are using Kotlin 1.7 but try to depend on Kotlin stdlib 1.9.20 from Gradle distribution. From the information you provided I have no answer how you ended up in that state.

Here is the build scan

I hope you can understand something with this :blush:

Yes, I would say your React Native version, probably 0.72.x is not compatible with Gradle 8.
But you probably should ask in some React Native community or documentation about details.

Well, in the meantime, I started a new project and I discovered react-native has been updated. My new project is running under react native 0.73 in place of 0.72.7.

Surprising, in the new react, the gradle version is 8.3. I don’t know why I had the 8.5 before but well…

The new react native now requires yarm and JDK between 17 and 20. I had 21, so I installed the 17. Then my new project was successfull with react-native doctor. I was ready to try npx react-native run-android. But again, it failed to install app with ./gradlew app:installDebug

I made again a build scan for this project. I hope you could help me.

Thank you for you help.

Unfortunately not.
I only can say that some provider that is tried to be resolved and has something to do with task dependencies and a file collection does not have a value.
But I cannot see where this is coming from.