"Could not determine the dependencies of task" in root project of multi-project build

I’m attempting to debug a “Could not determine the dependencies of task” issue with a multi-project build. The task is supplied by a plugin (https://github.com/houbie/lesscss-gradle-plugin, if it matters).

If I run “./gradlew clean build” inside the directory of the sub-project, it runs without error. If I “cd …” and run “./gradlew clean build” then the error is generated.

The “apply plugin” statement is located at the top of the “allprojects” closure (correct terminology?) in the build.gradle in the root directory.

I’m not sure if this is could be a problem with the plugin (my first suspicion) or with gradle (version 1.3, yeah it’s old), and I am not sure how to proceed. Using --info, --stacktrace and --debug didn’t seem to provide any information that would point me in the direction as to where the problem might be.

What would be the best way to troubleshoot/track down the exact problem and determine a resolution?

Thanks in advance,


After much hacking, I seem to have figured it out. Adding a “lessc {}” closure (defining a dummy source directory) outside the “allprojects {}” closure eliminated the error.