Convert Jacoco report to Cobertura for Android project


I’m trying to convert my Jacoco xml report to a Cobertura xml report in order to be able to then transform the cobertura.xml to Clover. I need to do this because I wan’t to display code coverage metrics in Bamboo (CI tool) which easily accepts a Clover xml file.

I’ve tried using this python script which is supposed to transform the Jacoco report to Cobertura, but I don’t think it’s doing it successfully. I say this because my Jacoco report says that I have 37% overall code coverage, but Clover reports 0%. I know the translation tool we use for Cobertura to Clover works because we use it for our iOS project.

My intuition is that this Python script is out-of-date (over 2 years old) and expects a Jacoco xml format that changed since then (I just started using Jacoco).

Has anyone esle ran into this issue or have any idea on how to fix it? Maybe someone can point me to other code coverage tools (other than Clover) that work well with Bamboo for Android.

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