Consuming Maven-published SNAPTSHOT from Gradle

I have a repository defined like this:

maven {
		url '' // for myfaces snapshots

and a dependency like this


But gradle is not able to resolve it and i suspect that the generated maven-metadata.xml for the snapshot is “wrong” from a gradle perspective, but it works fine when pulling said depndency from a maven proiect.

Gradle uses the timestamp and buildNumber values from the xml to construct a file that does not exist on the server:

<metadata modelVersion="1.1.0">

Execution failed for task ‘:quarkusPrepare’.

Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:runtimeClasspath’.
Could not find org.apache.myfaces.core.extensions.quarkus:myfaces-quarkus:2.3-next-SNAPSHOT.
Searched in the following locations:
- -

This file indeed does not exist.
When using a maven project to pull the dependency, it happly works and resolves to

From what i understand, the maven-metadata.xml is wrong. But as it is hard to convince owners that they should change something because “it works with maven”, I am wondering if there is a way to make gradle resolve this.