Configure takes very long

Hi all,
I have a project that takes nearly 2 minutes only for configuring.
All that is printed meanwhile on the console is

> Configuring > 1/1 projects

and nothing else in that time.
Appending --debug --info did not change anything.
Even running gradle with ```–profile`` did not show anything that helps me further

Description             Duration
Total Build Time          1m55.06s
Startup                   2.558s
Settings and BuildSrc     0.539s
Loading Projects          0.303s
Configuring Projects      1.936s
Task Execution            0.066s

Can anyone suggest me what to do, to track down this behaviour?
I tested this with gradle versions 2.11 and 3.1.

Thanks for any help.

Hey @christau

Have you tried submitting a build scan ? The performance section contains more information to help diagnose your problem.
If that’s ok with you, please create one for your project and share the link here.

I’m guessing this has to do with dependency resolution at configuration time.


thanks for the info. I did a build scan, but unfortunately there isn’t any info that tells me, where this big amount of time is spent.

Total Build Time 2m 10.318s
Startup 2.504s
Settings and buildSrc 0.516s
Loading Projects 0.297s
Configuring Projects 1m 59.552s
Task Execution 7.449s

As you can see, configuring takes about 2min. But there’s no info on what happened during configuration.

Please share the url of your build scan so others can help analyse the situation :slight_smile:

Nevermind. I found out that this was a problem of a custom gradle plugin.
Thanks very much for trying to help.