Configure Compiler for using openJML instrumenting and testing Java Code

Hi everybody, I am very new to gradle (hardly a day) and am doing some research on using openJML to search for bugs in well documented JAVA libraries, but I am having some trouble since this requires me to run the following commands on the linux-terminal:
“java -jar $OJ/openjml.jar”
“java -jar $OJ/openjml.jar -esc”
“java -jar $OJ/openjml.jar -rac”
“java -classpath “.:$OJ/jmlruntime.jar” B”
**$OJ is the path to the directory where openjml.jar is installed.
These commands do type-checking,code instrumentation and ultimately run-time verification (wich is what i am doing).
I could use classic scripts to solve this particular problem, but several other students are joining this project, and so I have to build an easy-OS indiferent-way, to build any java library, also since my main focus is testing, using gradle to build the project with JaCoCo plugin seems like an awesome idea.
If in need of any other details please do ask.