Configuration closure for project.javaexec seems not to take main as a method?

Configuration closure for project.javaexec isn’t taking main as a method. Here’s some example code:

apply plugin: 'java'
  def otherjar = '../hello/build/libs/hello.jar'
  task runhello1(type: JavaExec, dependsOn: ":hello:build") {
    classpath otherjar
    main 'org.qbilt.example.Hello'
    args 'hello1'
task runhello2 << {
    javaexec {
        classpath otherjar
        // Why is main = required here?
Removing the = doesn't work
        // with gradle 1.5.
        main = 'org.qbilt.example.Hello'
        args 'runnhello2'
task runhello(dependsOn: ['runhello1', 'runhello2'])

The above code works fine. Both variants of runhello run the java code with the appropriate main and args. However, if I remove the = so that I’m calling main as a method instead of invoking setMain, then I get this error for runnhello2:

Execution failed for task ':run-hello:runhello2'.
> Could not find method main() for arguments [org.qbilt.example.Hello] on project ':run-hello'.

Is there some kind of name clash in this context? Am I doing something wrong? I have observed this behavior with both gradle 1.4 and 1.5. I have not tried on any other versions.

…/hello.jar is just a jar with a main class that echoes its output.

Hi Jay,

This is a bug (raised as GRADLE-2740 ). The problem is that the object that backs the closure passed to ‘javaexec’ is not runtime decorated with DSL enhancements, while the one that backs the task version is.

Sorry for the late reply.