Composite Build feature stagnant

Are there any real plans to work on composite builds and add the features that are listed as limitations/future work in the docs?

If you compare the current docs to the ones from 3.1 (when composite builds were added) you can see that the list hasn’t really changed all that much.

In fact, about the only thing that seems to have changed in that list is the addition of the following:

Supporting composite-of-composite builds.

We’re looking into using composite builds, but we expect to have many sub-projects, and not being able to build them in parallel seems like a rather large missing feature.

So, are there any real, near-term plans to continue to build out the composite build feature, or can I assume it to be static at this point?

Thanks in advance…


The next release (4.1) will contain composite build improvements. Particularly, parallel execution and continuous build support.

Daz mentions some of that here:

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Great news. Thanks for the response.