Composite Build and additional artifacts

I have a CompositeBuild and would like to transfer some more artifacts to the other project in addition to the Jar. Is this possible, if so, could you tell me how?

Project1 Artefakte

  • jar
  • sources
  • javdoc
  • test
  • zip

Project 2
testCompile project1-test.jar

Hi @Dominik. We have recently added a section to the user manual focusing on that topic:

(It talks about multi-project, but the solution is specifically designed to also work in composites)

Hello, @jendrik,

I find the documentation only for Gradle 6.0. I have 5.6 in use and cannot update it yet. The example from 6.0 unfortunately doesn’t work with 5.6.

Do I have another way to get to the artifacts?
There are projekt1 and projekt2. projekt2 integrates project1 via includeBuild. I need projekt1 in projekt2 to compile.

To build an installation package ( I need the war-file of project2 and the jar-file of project1. Additionally there are two Ziptasks in Projekt1 whose outputs should be included.

The documentation was restructured and extended for 6.0. But the features described in that section are not new and should work with older versions of Gradle. Which part of the documentation section is not working for you?