Component Metadata Supplier Rule Executor seems to be causing issues

This issue I am seeing is something very subtle, but it is reproducible across different operating systems. Basically Gradle reports

Could not create service of type ComponentMetadataSupplierRuleExecutor using DependencyManagementBuildScopeServices.createComponentMetadataSupplierRuleExecutor().

It is currently seen in a collection of integration tests in one of the Asciidoctor-Gradle subprojects.

It does not happen if ANY of the following is done:

  • @spock.lang.Stepwise is added to the test file
  • --tests is passed on the command-line.
  • --scan is passed as one of the arguments to the GradleRunner instance.

All of the above in some way alters the dynamics how the tests are executed or how Gradle executes the tests.

I am not sure whether this is a bug or something we are doing esoterically in the project.

The issue can be reproduced by cloning the service-creation-issue branch of and then running ./gradlew :asciidoctor-gradle-slides-export:intTest