Compiling externalNativeBuild ABIs in Parallel

I’ve got an Android project that uses the NDK. We target four ABIs. Our new build machine has lots of cores, so the time it takes to build the individual ~200 or so files (in parallel, passing “-j${Runtime.getRuntime().availableProcessors()}” as ndkBuild arguments) has dropped considerably vs. the (single-threaded) time it takes to link at the end of each. It’s about half building, half linking now.

Watching each ABI build sequentially (and Task Manager showing 47 out of 48 threads idle for ~half the total build time) makes me wonder if being able to link each ABI in parallel wouldn’t be a pretty serious speedup.

Is there a way to enable all ABIs to compile in parallel (using -j [availableProcessors divided by ABI count] ) so that some (or all) of that linking could be done simultaneously?