Compile dependencies published to maven as runtime scope

Gradle Version: unknown, but seemingly any version?
Operating System: any
Is this a regression? not that i’m aware

Example project:

I am trying to incorporate the eureka-client into a maven project. All netflix libraries are built with gradle, and then published to maven. However, apparently due to issues in gradle’s maven publishing plugin, all the “compile” dependencies are actually published as “runtime”, preventing maven from compiling my project (except when inside Eclipse, oddly). I cannot express just how frustrating this is and how negative an impression this has left me with, because now I have to inspect their entire dependency tree for any library I want to use, and manually add every stupid dependency to my pom. That is a complete waste of my time.


  1. Gradle-generated pom.xml marks all dependencies as runtime
  2. Maven-publish plugin generated pom making dependency scope runtime
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