Compile apache lucene with my custom jvm

Hello all,
I am trying to compile Apache Lucene with gradle trying to produce the jar files by running ./gradlew jar. In my custom JVM I extended the library which is under jdk.unsupported. While I am trying to compile Lucene it does not use my custom JVM for the buiding of the jars files and fails. I am doing export JAVA_HOME=/path/custom/jvm but this does not work. Can you please help me?

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You probably need to ask the Lucene build maintainers instead, or read their build scripts.

They could for example use the JVM toolchains feature and so JAVA_HOME is only used for running Gradle itself, but not to build or run the actual code in the project.

Hi Björn, thank you for your reply. I will ask them.

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export JAVA_HOME=/path/custom/jvm
2 Verify the path.
3 Add to
4 Delete .gradle folder.
5 Build:
./gradlew clean jar
I hope this will help you,
Thank you