Compilation cannot find classes in plugin.jar

(Moritz Dietsche) #1

Hi everyone

I’m using the JSObject class that comes with the Java. It is packed in a file called plugin.jar. When I compile the project from within IDEA everything works, but if I try to build it with gradle, gradle complains that it cannot find the class JSObject. If I specify my local plugin.jar file as a dependency it works again.

My question: Am I missing something here or is this a real problem? Putting the JAR to a Maven repository doesn’t look like a clean solution for me, I would rather expect gradle to recognize everything that comes standard with the JRE.

I’m using Mac OS X Lion and gradle 1.0 milestone 3 (cannot upgrade any further without rewriting someone else’s groovy script).

Thank you for your help!


(Peter Niederwieser) #2

‘javac’ doesn’t automatically put ‘plugin.jar’ on the compile class path. But you can do so yourself:

def javaHome = System.getProperty("java.home")
  dependencies {
    compile files("$javaHome/lib/plugin.jar")

(Moritz Dietsche) #3

Thank you for pointing this out. Your suggestion works.