Codenarc excludes broken in Gradle 2.14?

(Valdis Rigdon) #1

This used to work in Gradle 2.13. When upgrading to 2.14, I’m getting Codenarc violations reported for MyGroovyClass. Is there a new way to exclude files from Codenarc inspection?

codenarcMain {
  exclude "**/MyGroovyClass*"

(Sterling Greene) #2

Hey @valdisrigdon,

We’ve reproduced your problem and identified a fix. Could you give this nightly build a try?

./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version=2.14.1-20160622023453+0000

We’ll be releasing a 2.14.1 soon.


(Marcin Erdmann) #3

@sterling, I stumbled upon the issue with excludes configured for CodeNarc tasks not being honoured after switching to 2.14 and can confirm that using the nightly you mention fixed it. Thanks.