Closure/Kotlin build error

I’m getting an error when trying to build an Android app called MyExpenses and I could use some help understanding the error message. Here’s what the error message said when doing a ./gradlew build:

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':myExpenses:kaptExternDebugKotlin'.
> A failure occurred while executing org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.internal.KaptWithoutKotlincTask$KaptExecutionWorkAction
   > java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException (no error message)

I tried using the --scan option and I’m already a huge fan of that feature. The data on the web gives better error messages than the console. Here’s the full scan: Build Scan™ | Gradle Cloud Services

I see there’s a “IllegalAccessException” there due to a not existing. I’m not sure what is requesting that, or what I could change in the code to fix it. I’ve already updated to the latest version of kotlin and that didn’t resolve the issue.

My main question is where I should be looking to see the line of code that is causing this build error.

The source code and build configurations are available here: GitHub - mtotschnig/MyExpenses: GPL licenced Android Expense Tracking App The only changes I made were updating kotlin_version to 1.7.20 in build.gradle and removing -XX:MaxPermSize=512M in