Challenge: Seamless execution of both JUnit and TestNG tests?

We are trying to migrate a largish project from maven to gradle.
One hurdle is that the project currently has both JUnit and TestNG tests and that maven supports that very nicely.

I have made some progress teaching gradle to execute both type of tests and create a consolidated report of both, but a final, crucial problem remains:

When the build encounters a test failure it correctly fails … only the first time around.
When I invoke “build” again, the tests are not executed again. (I guess they think they are up-to-date because the first invocation did not fail) and the build “succeeds” even though there is actually still the same test failure.

Example project is at

A single gradle test task cannot run both JUnit and TestNG tasks, so here is what I did:

  • created a new “testNg” test task
  • used “ignoreFailures = true” for both the “test” task (JUnit) and the “testNG” task, so that both tasks are always run even when the first task already encounters a failing tests and so that a consolidated report can be build later on
  • a test listener notices if any test fails and sets a flag
  • added a new task to build a single test report for both test type results
  • added a finalizer task that fails the build if the flag is set

I managed to get it to work using “finalizedBy” (instead of “ignoreFailures” and “dependsOn”) to chain the “test”, “testNg”, and “testReport” tasks.

See updated code at

Feels a bit strange to use finalizedBy for that, but as long as it works :wink: