Central Gradle Repo

A central Gradle repo. Maven is kind of hard to deal with when publishing artifacts. I’d like something like Node’s NPM, Ruby’s Bundle, or even C#'s NuGet where all you have to do is “gradle publish” and it’ll publish your JAR to a repo.

Did you have a look at Bintray? There’s one more step involved in publishing a new artifact but that’s pretty much it.

That’s pretty cool! I didn’t know that existed. However, I don’t like how you have to create a huge section to configure it.

Gradle should have these properties defined at the project level, not in plugin configurations.

The configuration DSL is provided by the Bintray plugin which has its own namespace. Most of these properties are either optional or come with a sensitive default. You actually don’t have to set most of them except the ones that apply to your project.

Ah ok, well I’ll take a better look at it then. Thanks for sharing it!