Central Authentication Service (CAS) Gradle Build On Eclipse

I am using Eclipse Java EE IDE version Mars.2 Release (4.5.2).

I am attempting to build the 90+ projects in the CAS 4.2.0 parent project: https://github.com/Jasig/cas.git

The build works perfectly fine with Gradle; however, I am having issues with Eclipse.

I installed the Buildship Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle: https://projects.eclipse.org/projects/tools.buildship

I am seeing multiple cyclic dependencies from most of the cas projects.

I do not see where the cyclic dependencies are after looking at the build.gradle for each project.

I must be doing something wrong. If someone can point me in a direction on how to fix this, then I would appreciate it.

Anyone else having the same issue or using a different Gradle Eclipse plugin?

Thank you.

The CAS project has many dependencies of this form:

  • A’s production code depends on B’s production code
  • B’s test code depends on A’s production code

This works in Gradle, because classpaths are separated by source set (main/test).

Eclipse only has a single, flat classpath. And if you flatten dependencies like the ones mentioned above, you end up with the cycles you are seeing. This cannot be fixed by Buildship, it would have to be fixed in JDT (allowing multiple classpaths per project).

You can turn off the cyclic dependency validaiton in the Eclipse settings under Java->Compiler->Building->Build path problems.


That’s exactly it! Thank you.