Cargo Plugin - Failed to Create Deployer

(Jeffrey Effendy) #1

Hi, I have issues using cargo plugin. For all solutions I found, it seems like it still gives me the same issue. Here is my build.gradle script.

apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'ear'
apply plugin: 'cargo'
  buildDir = '../output'
  repositories {
  buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'org.gradle.api.plugins:gradle-cargo-plugin:1.4.1'
  dependencies {
 def cargoVersion = '1.4.5'
    cargo "org.codehaus.cargo:cargo-core-uberjar:$cargoVersion",
 compile project(':NRTenantStatusReport-ejb')
 deploy project(path:':NRTenantStatusReport-web', configuration:'archives')
  ear {
 from ('../NRTenantStatusReport-ejb/build/libs') {
  into '/'
 from ('../libs') {
  into '/lib'
 deploymentDescriptor {
  webModule('NRTenantStatusReport-web.war', 'reports')
 containerId = 'jboss7x'
 port = 9990
 local {
  homeDir = file(System.getenv("JBOSS_HOME"))
 remote {
  hostname = 'localhost'
  username = 'jeffrey'
  password = 'password'

So, i want to automatically deploy an ear file to JBoss. However it gives me an error below

Caused by: : org.codehaus.cargo.container.ContainerException: Failed to create d
eployer with implementation class org.codehaus.cargo.container.jboss.JBoss7xRemo
teDeployer for the parameters (container [id = [jboss7x]], deployer type [remote

Anybody has an idea about this issue?

(Benjamin Muschko) #2

I can reproduce the issue but only with JBoss. This works fine with other containers like Tomcat for example. My guess is that it is a bug in Cargo’s Ant task. I’d need to have a deeper look at it. Would you mind opening an issue on the plugin’s GitHub page?

(Benjamin Muschko) #3

The dependency declaration was missing the JBoss client libraries. For more information please check the GitHub issue.

(Jeffrey Effendy) #4

thanks a lot!!