Cargo Plugin - Failed to Create Deployer

Hi, I have issues using cargo plugin. For all solutions I found, it seems like it still gives me the same issue. Here is my build.gradle script.

apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'ear'
apply plugin: 'cargo'
  buildDir = '../output'
  repositories {
  buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'org.gradle.api.plugins:gradle-cargo-plugin:1.4.1'
  dependencies {
 def cargoVersion = '1.4.5'
    cargo "org.codehaus.cargo:cargo-core-uberjar:$cargoVersion",
 compile project(':NRTenantStatusReport-ejb')
 deploy project(path:':NRTenantStatusReport-web', configuration:'archives')
  ear {
 from ('../NRTenantStatusReport-ejb/build/libs') {
  into '/'
 from ('../libs') {
  into '/lib'
 deploymentDescriptor {
  webModule('NRTenantStatusReport-web.war', 'reports')
 containerId = 'jboss7x'
 port = 9990
 local {
  homeDir = file(System.getenv("JBOSS_HOME"))
 remote {
  hostname = 'localhost'
  username = 'jeffrey'
  password = 'password'

So, i want to automatically deploy an ear file to JBoss. However it gives me an error below

Caused by: : org.codehaus.cargo.container.ContainerException: Failed to create d
eployer with implementation class org.codehaus.cargo.container.jboss.JBoss7xRemo
teDeployer for the parameters (container [id = [jboss7x]], deployer type [remote

Anybody has an idea about this issue?

I can reproduce the issue but only with JBoss. This works fine with other containers like Tomcat for example. My guess is that it is a bug in Cargo’s Ant task. I’d need to have a deeper look at it. Would you mind opening an issue on the plugin’s GitHub page?

The dependency declaration was missing the JBoss client libraries. For more information please check the GitHub issue.

thanks a lot!!