Can't skip Inputs checking? trouble disabling TaskOptimization .. large fileHashes.bin takes 10 minutes to generate


Relative gradle newbie here!

We’re running gradle from Jenkins, and starting from a fresh source tree each time. This seems to be causing gradle to “hang” for 10 minutes. If I turn on --debug, i see that it’s regenerating a hash for each source file (approx 4k files), im assuming so that it can do smart task optimization. Which I dont want in this case, there’s no history to compare, it’s a fresh build, just go for it.

Our build is as simple exec task that runs “grails war”, Id just like to run it all the time, w/o spending 5-10 mins building fileHashes.bin

I’ve tried

gradle --rerun-tasks --debug


outputs.upToDateWhen { false }

but i suspect I want to mess with the inputs somehow?

Here’s my task and the log of the hash generation taking 9 minutes.

I’d appreciate some guidance on how to either configure gradle or the task definition to not bother with this lengthy (internal) task.


ps: sorry for the double post if you’re on the old gradle/babble list