Can't see System.out from JavaExec

I am running a Java class using a JavaExec task, but not seeing System.out.println from the class in the gradle terminal. When running, I just see Building X% > task name. Do I have to configure something to see System.out from the Java class? Here is what my JavaExec looks like:

task runJavaClass(type: JavaExec) {
	description 'Blah blah'
	group 'A Group'
	inputs.file 'file.xml'
	outputs.dir 'javaOutputDir'
	classpath = sourceSets.main.runtimeClasspath
	main = 'com.blah.blah.JavaClass'
	args 'file.xml', 'java',

By default, it should be printing to gradle’s System.out

You can set the standardOutput property (eg to a ByteArrayOutputStream). Same goes for standardError

It looks like the JavaExec was taking a couple minutes to start - so when I thought it was running in the background without input, it was just not running at all yet. Thanks!