Can't Publish Scan Behind Proxy

I’m getting the following error when I try to run a dependency scan

If you require assistance with this problem, please report it via and include the following information via copy/paste.

Gradle version: 5.6.4
Plugin version: 2.4.2
Request URL:
Request ID: 6ac584f6-1f76-4649-82e5-120126e17355
Exception: connect timed out

I’m currently on a VPN behind a corporate proxy. I’ve configured the systemProp.https.proxy* settings, so builds work properly, but Gradle doesn’t apply my proxy settings to scan uploads. I’ve tried passing -Dhttps.proxyHost at the command line, but it doesn’t make a difference.

Sorry for the very very late reply Peter. We’re currently working on a fix for that.


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Is there somewhere I can follow the progress for that fix because I would also like it to work from within a corporate firewall and proxy environment?


Hi @pnewhook @cb2
This has been fixed in Gradle Enterprise Gradle plugin 3.2 and further improved in later versions.
Using version 3.3.4 (latest currently) will fix this problem, both for HTTP and HTTPS defined proxy settings.

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Thank you very much for that @Francois_Guillot :slight_smile: :+1: